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​           公司简介

香港骏豪(国际)教育中心有限公司,(Chun Ho Education, 以下简称“骏豪教育”),总部位于香港,定位于高端国际教育服务机构,用心培养未来优秀人才的教育机构。推广、引进、整合国外的先进的教育资源,促进、加强中外文化和教育交流,为中港学生提供一个高端信息交流平台,并为国内要留学的学生提供高端教育咨询服务,帮助学生找到合适自己发展的学校和教育模式,实现介绍国际高等教育,成为精英领袖的崇高理想。从小、初、高中申请、大学申请到转学服务;从学习规划、日常生活到课外活动的后续服务;从特长能力培养到就业指导;从游学到移居的人生规划、事业规划等一系列高端服务。为适龄学生的学习、生活、就业全程指引方向、护驾导航,使其更快地了解和适应海外文化、更好地在海外学习生活。

About  Us

Hong Kong Chun Ho (international) Education Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "Chun Ho Education"),  is headquartered in Hong Kong. We are aiming to provide high-end international education services and Cultivate outstanding talents.By promoting, introducing and integrating advanced foreign educational resources, we promote and strengthen cultural and educational exchanges between China and foreign countries, and provide a high-end information exchange platform for students in Hong Kong and China. We provide high-end education consultation services for students who want to study abroad, help students find suitable schools and education models for their own development so that students can accept international higher education and realize the lofty ideal of becoming elites.We provide a series of high-end services, such as application from elementary, junior, senior high schools and university as well as transfer; follow-up services from learning planning, daily life to after-school activities ;Special ability training and employment guidance; life planning, career planning including studying abroad and migration and so on. We provide guiding services in the whole process of study, life and employment to school-age students, so that they can understand and adapt to overseas culture more quickly and study and live better abroad.

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